Gale Health & Medicine

The most current health information at your fingertips. Access hundreds of medical journals, academic journals, magazines, books and news reports on any medical topic.


Novelist is your gateway to discovering the perfect book, offering a treasure trove of recommendations, reviews, and reading insights so that you can find your next read with ease.

The New York Times

Enjoy from the comfort of your device. Enjoy the US, Canada, International, Spanish and Chinese editions, as well as archival content dating back to 1851.

Gale Power Search

Explore and access reliable information across dozens of Gale research databases with Power Search. Use Topic Finder to find related ideas for any search, or the Subject Guide to break down your query. Results from magazines, peer reviewed journals, videos and newspapers are available.

Gale Literature Resource Centre

This comprehensive online resource offers a rich collection of critical analyses, author biographies, reviews, and multimedia content, providing an immersive experience for literature enthusiasts and academic researchers alike.

Gale Health and Wellness Resource Centre

Accurate medical information you won’t need a medical degree to understand. Read or listen to an overview, encyclopedia entry, article or news reports, in more than 50 languages.

Consumer Reports

Make informed choices with the most recent Consumer Reports and Car Buying Guides. Offering expert insights and evaluations on appliances, mattresses, cars and more, get all of the information you need before making new purchases.

Chilton Library

Get the detailed information you need to tackle vehicle maintenance and repairs including step-by-step procedures, vehicle specific information, ASE text prep for popular certification exams, visual supports and more.

Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q)

The Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q), includes articles from local newspapers to academic journals and everything in between. Browse for comprehensive insights into diverse topics shaping Canadian perspectives.

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