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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Reading to babies, toddlers and preschoolers builds their brains, their connection with you and the early skills and language they will need to be a strong reader for life.

Reading 1000 Books

Although 1000 books sounds like a large number, consider this: If you read just one book a day, you will have read 365 books in a year and you could finish in less than three years. Read 10 books per week? Less than two years. Three books a day? Less than a year!

Getting Started

Visit any WPL location to receive your very own 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Reading Log, then start reading. We will celebrate your milestones with incentives, reading certificates and lots of encouragement. Plus we’ll keep you supplied with lots of books you’re sure to love. It’s really that simple!

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  • How do I sign up?

    Visit any WPL location to pick up your very own 1000 Books Before Kindergarten welcome kit. That’s it! Registration is not required.

  • What do we do when we complete a reading log?

    Simply bring your reading log back to any WPL location to show us your amazing progress. We will provide you with a new reading log to track your next 100 books, a prize, and a very special certificate to celebrate your reading milestone.

  • I thought we were supposed to read 1000 books - why are there only 100 circles in the reading log?

    Reading shouldn’t feel like work and 1000 books can seem like a lot. By breaking the program down into increments of 100 books, we can celebrate reading milestones with you and your child and help make the process feel fun and easy.

  • There is a scratch sticker on our reading log. What do we do with it?

    When you reach 50 books it’s time for your child to scratch the sticker. Every sticker is a WINNER! Simply bring the reading log to any WPL location to receive a fun little prize.

  • How do we track the books we read?

    Mark a circle on your reading log every time you read a book together. The reading log has been designed so that your child can be involved in the tracking process by stickering, dabbing, painting or otherwise marking the circles (1-100). Spend time celebrating your reading as you do this! If you read the same book three times in a row, colour three circles. You can also mark a circle for every book that is read in a storytime you attend, an online story you read or when you hear someone tell you a story. There are so many ways to enjoy reading!

  • Is there a deadline?

    No! This is a self-paced program that can take as long as you need it to. It’s all about the journey and celebrating the milestones along the way.

  • Is there a required reading list?

    You and your child will choose the books you want to read…any book in any language counts. If you are looking for suggestions, ask staff for recommendations next time you’re at the library. We’d be happy to help you!

  • Can we read the same book multiple times?
    Yes! Any form of reading counts. We know that little ones have their personal favourite books so reading the same book multiple times absolutely counts as reading a book.

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