Recording Studio

Enjoy a fully equipped recording studio at the Eastside Branch. The use of the Digispace is entirely free and it can be reconfigured to your needs to accomplish your recording.

Four people play instruments in the Digispace at the Eastside Branch
A young woman is talking into a microphone in the Digispace while another woman records the session

About the Digispace

The Digispace is a set of two rooms set up for recording audio. One section of the space is a sound-proofed booth, and the other is the control room with computers, equipment, and software to manage the recording process.

Recording can occur in either room, so that you can record on your own or with a partner or group. If you know that you will be making an excess amount of noise, we recommend using the sound-proof booth.

The Digispace can be booked in two-hour increments.

Book the Digispace

Available Equipment

Using the Digispace

Customers will be required to bring their own USB stick to save their recordings. Recordings MUST be saved to an external device at the end of your session.

Beverages with lids are permitted, but we ask that no food is brought into the space or around the equipment.

The Digispace is a self-directed space. If you require assistance with the equipment, or want to learn more about using the Digispace, please reference the user manuals provided above and/or watch the video tutorials below.

Woman in the Digispace singing into a microphone and smiling