Used brushes on an artist's palette of colorful oil paint for drawing and painting

Art Exhibits

Discover art exhibits by local artists at the library, showcasing the vibrant creativity of our community. Enjoy rotating displays that bring unique artistic expressions to our shared spaces.

Artwork by local KW artist

Trevor Clare

Trevor Clare, a visionary artist hailing from Kitchener, Ontario, finds inspiration in painting local hidden gems and landmarks. He enjoys delving into various subjects and styles, drawing techniques from traditional oils and acrylics, and fusing them with contemporary digital art. Rapid brushwork and a fusion of expressionist and digital techniques define his distinctive approach. Trevor’s art thrives on emotional connection, evoking a sense of “neo-nostalgia” through the masterful use of colors and light that weave compelling moods and atmospheres. Each artwork tells a captivating story, inviting viewers on a journey of cherished memories and heartfelt experiences.

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The Art of Nostalgia

The Art of Nostalgia celebrates KW’s past and present through paintings and recollections of iconic landmarks and hidden gems. The artwork on display at WPL is part of the Art of Nostalgia exhibition, currently circulating throughout the city. Trevor’s book, The Art of Nostalgia: A Visual Memoir of Kitchener-Waterloo, features a compilation of all 25 pieces, along with history and commentary on each place. It celebrates the city’s past and present and serves as a wonderful keepsake for the community for years to come.

View Trevor’s work at the John M. Harper Branch through to the end of August.

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