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Accessible Collections

Explore our Accessible Collections, offering a wide range of formats and features to ensure access to materials for all.

CELA & Daisy Books

Daisy Books are digital audiobooks designed for individuals with print disabilities, offering accessible and navigable content. Accessible through the library, these books provide an inclusive reading experience. Daisy books are available to customers with a CELA membership. Daisy Readers are also available to be borrowed by CELA membership holders.

If you are a Waterloo resident with a print disability and would like to find out more about CELA, please contact us at 519-886-1310 or email askus@wpl.ca.

Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

We offer customers with print disabilities access to a comprehensive collection of over 800,000 items through the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA). This bilingual collection encompasses fiction and non-fiction materials in audio, e-text, Braille, and described video formats, catering to readers of all ages. Membership with CELA is open to individuals with temporary or permanent print disabilities, including those with learning, physical, or visual impairments. Registered members can conveniently access materials through mail delivery or by downloading digital formats directly from the CELA website to their preferred devices.

Accessibility Features in our Online Resources

Experience inclusive accessibility features across our online resources. From visual contrast and dyslexic font, to closed captioning, and auditory ‘read to me’ options, many of our online resources have integrated Accessibility features to help individuals engage with content comfortably. Our Online Resources include websites, apps and software for reading, learning, research and more.

Accessibility at WPL

We are committed to ensuring accessibility for all members of our community. From adhering to AODA standards to providing a range of accessible formats and assistive technologies, we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can fully participate and benefit from our services.