Inform your business decisions with Dun & Bradstreet’s Canadian and US business data, and Prizm5’s Canadian market segment data. Create maps and reports of your discoveries with SimplyAnalytics.

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O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly media offers resources for computer programmers, business professionals, makers and gamers. Browse the high-end tech eBooks, eAudiobooks, and learning pathways designed for professionals, or those beginning to learn STEM.

LinkedIn Learning

Unlock a world of knowledge with LinkedIn Learning. Learn a little or a lot about creative pursuits like how to play guitar, or technical skills like SQL or Python coding. With over 6,000 videos and learning pathways taught by industry experts, there’s something for everyone.

Gale Courses

What do you dream of learning? Gale Courses offers hundreds of instructor-led courses on everything from photography, to computer skills, accounting, and ESL courses, with certificates available upon completion.

Career Cruising

An online career guidance and planning tool for people of all ages. Career Cruising is a dynamic platform designed to help you navigate your professional path with insightful assessments, comprehensive resources, and tailored guidance.

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