Carley Fortune’s Latest Release is A Dreamy Summer Escape

The first summer that Lucy escapes to the beach house in Prince Edward Island, her best friend, Bridget, tells her not to fall in love with her brother. But as fate would have it, Lucy meets Felix and sparks fly immediately. But Lucy cherishes Bridget’s friendship more than anything and vows to abide by her rule.

Every year after that fateful summer, Lucy escapes to PEI to the house on the magical island, leaving behind her troubles with her flower shop business, her rift with her parents, and the death of her aunt. And Felix is always there with his sparkling eyes and dry humour. And Lucy makes the same mistake every year. But this year, when she follows distraught Bridget from Toronto to PEI a week before her wedding, she vows this summer will be different.

This Summer Will Be Different is Carley Fortune’s third novel and it’s evident how much she has grown as a writer. Lucy, Bridget, and Felix all leap off the page and feel like real people the reader knows and has probably met. Lucy feels like she’s juggling a never-ending to-do list, trying to keep her aunt’s flower business thriving, while trying to recall what her own dreams and wishes are.

Lucy and Bridget’s friendship is at the heart of the story. Fortune weaves a tale of friendship that blooms in adulthood, which can be just as wonderful and character-building as childhood friendships. Bridget envelops Lucy into her family on PEI with board games, beach days, and touristy visits, while Lucy’s aunt Stacy treats Bridget like her daughter in Toronto. It’s no surprise that Lucy follows Bridget the second she calls, letting her own life in Toronto slide precariously in her wake.

When Lucy meets enigmatic Felix, he’s 23, immature and a born flirt. But as the years pass, he grows into a strong, disciplined man who treats Lucy like she’s the most precious thing in the world. The two deny their feelings, citing lust every time they come together. As Lucy realizes that maybe she’s falling in love with Felix, she must grapple with the most difficult decision of her life: picking her best friend or the man she loves.

An unspoken character, but maybe the one with the most presence, is Prince Edward Island. Fortune breathes character and life into this small island, making it feel like another person in the story. With sparkling beaches, sweeping cliffs, and a golden sun, the island beckons the reader to pack their bags and book a flight to the magical island. As always, Fortune sprinkles Canadian-ness into the story, and it’s a joy to read about all the local references, especially all the Anne of Green Gables tidbits. The island, and the story, linger long after the book has finished and they stay with you, a sweet taste in your mouth that you can’t—and don’t want to—forget.   Perfect for fans of Emily Henry, This Summer Will Be Different is a story that will sweep you off your feet with an achingly sweet love story that will have you rooting for Lucy and Felix, long after you’ve turned the last page.

Ikhlas H.
Programmer & Library Assistant, Main Library

Ikhlas's favourite part of working in a library is having access to all the books her heart could desire. Her “TBR” (To Be Read) list grows every single day. Her favourite books include Harry Potter (always), Big Little Lies, Pride and Prejudice, Emma and anything by Elizabeth Lim, Mhairi McFarlane and Rebecca Ross. Ikhlas loves borrowing physical books and board games from the library, especially the latest romance titles and new games for her daughter. When she’s not working, she can be found spending time with her family, writing her own stories, reading (of course), baking and prowling Goodreads for her next great read.