Corentium Home digital radon monitor in someone's hand

Radon Monitors

Borrow a Corentium Home digital radon monitor for your home, which measures indoor radon levels for early detection of potential health risks.

Borrowing a Radon Monitor

How to Borrow

  • Radon monitors have a three (3) week loan period and can be renewed an additional two times to a maximum of 9 weeks
  • Radon monitors can be placed on hold to be picked up at any WPL location

How to Return

  • Return Radon monitors directly to staff at any WPL location during library hours
  • Radon monitors may not be returned through a returns slot
Borrow a Monitor
Corentium Home digital radon monitor WPL kit with instructions

More Information

  • What is radon?

    Radon is a gas that is formed when uranium is broken down in soil and rock. The gas rises from the earth into buildings through basements and foundations. Radon is in all buildings, but a low level of radon isn’t harmful. When a high level of radon builds up it can affect human health.

    Radon gas is odorless and invisible, so a monitor is needed to detect a radon level. Waterloo Public Library is happy to be a participating library in the Take Action on Radon program, intended to increase awareness of radon and it’s dangers, while offering an accessible way for communities across the country to test for radon.

    For more information please visit Health Canada.

  • Why is it important to test for radon?

    Reduction of radon is possible. If a high level of radon is detected in a building, a mitigation system can be professionally installed, to reduce the amount of radon by more than 80%!

    A concerning level of radon is anything over 200 Bq/m3.

  • When and how long should I test for radon?

    For the most accurate result, monitoring should be done over several months. The best time of year to test is when our windows close between Fall and Spring, so less fresh air is circulating. Borrowing a monitor from WPL for 3 weeks allows enough time for an indication that a home or building has a concerning level of radon and for our community to follow the next steps identified on the Health Canada and Take Action on Radon sites.

Have a question about borrowing a radon monitor?

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