Man walking with Nordic Walking Poles outside

Nordic Walking Poles

Explore the great outdoors with Nordic walking poles, enhancing your hiking experience while promoting fitness and stability.

Borrowing Nordic Walking Poles

How to Borrow

  • Walking poles have a one (1) week loan period and are renewable for an additional week
  • Walking poles can be placed on hold to be picked up at any WPL location
  • Walking poles can be borrowed in person from the Eastside Branch

How to Return

  • Return walking poles directly to staff at any WPL location during library hours
  • Walking poles may not be returned through a returns slot

Waterloo Public Library is not responsible for any injury or damages that may occur during the use of this equipment.

Borrow Nordic Walking Poles
Nordic Walking poles sitting on a shelf
Senior Woman Enjoying Nordic Walk in Forest

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking offers a comprehensive workout, engaging 90% of your muscles for a more efficient and low-impact exercise experience. Originating in Finland as ‘ski walking,’ this activity has evolved into a popular fitness routine, renowned for its ability to lower body fat, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

By applying force to the poles with each stride, Nordic walkers intensify their gait, engaging their entire body for greater fitness benefits. Developed as off-season ski-training, Nordic Walking has become a widely recognized and effective exercise regimen, promoting cardiovascular health and muscle strength.

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