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In-Library Games & Puzzles

Add some extra fun to your library experience by borrowing a game or puzzle to enjoy during your visit. We offer a variety of games and puzzles suitable for all ages, ensuring everyone can have fun and be entertained.

Borrowing In-Library Games & Puzzles

How to Borrow

  • In-library games and puzzles are available to borrow at all WPL locations (selections vary by location)
  • In-library games and puzzles are available on a first come, first served basis (no holds)
  • In-library games and puzzles can be borrowed for up to three (3) hours
  • In-library games and puzzles cannot be taken out of the library

How to Return

  • Return in-library games and puzzles directly to staff
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A selection of in-library games & puzzles from the Eastside Branch

Want to borrow board games and puzzles to take home?

Whether you’re planning a family gathering or hosting a party, our extensive collection of board games and puzzles is at your disposal for a three-week loan period, guaranteeing endless fun and entertainment.

Have a question about borrowing in-library games and puzzles?

Our staff are happy to help answer any questions you might have about our Cool Things to Borrow collections and library services.