Ice Skates

Enjoy skating with our ice skate collection available at the Eastside Branch year-round and the McCormick Branch during winter months.

Borrowing Ice Skates

How to Borrow

  • Hockey skates are available to borrow at the Eastside Branch year-round and the McCormick Branch during winter months
  • Figure skates are available to borrow at the Eastside Branch
  • Skates are available on a first come, first served basis (no holds)
  • Skates can be borrowed for three (3) days using an adult library card
  • Skates come with skate guards

How to Return

  • Skates must be returned to the same location from where they were borrowed
  • Return skates directly to staff during library hours
  • Skates may not be returned through a returns slot
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A father and daughter skating on the rink at the Albert McCormick Arena

Skate Fitting

All skates should fit as tightly as possible without being too uncomfortable. You do not want your ankles or feet to have any wiggle room. Remember that all feet are different and each skate will fit uniquely. You will need to try them on to find the best fit. We do not carry half sizes and you might need to size up, so we recommend bringing an extra pair of thick socks.

Skate Sizing Charts

We carry figure skates from an Adult size 6 to size 10. We carry hockey skates in Youth size 6 up to a Senior size 12.

  • Figure Skates
    Women’s USMen’s USEUFigure Skate Size
  • Hockey Skates - Toddler

    Toddler (under size 1.5 shoe)

    Kid's USEUYouth Hockey Size
    723.5YTH 6
    825YTH 7
    926YTH 8
    1027YTH 9
    1128YTH 10
    1229.5YTH 11
    1331YTH 12
  • Hockey Skates - Kids

    Kid (between size 2 and 6.5 kid’s or under size 8 women’s)

    Kid’s USWomen’s UsEUJunior Hockey Size
    132YTH 13
    233.5JR 1
    34.535JR 2
    45.536JR 3
    56.537.5INT 4
    67.538.5INT 5
  • Hockey Skates - Adult

    Adult (greater than a 7 Men’s or 8.5 Women’s Shoe)

    Men’s USWomen’s USEUSenior Hockey Size
    7.5940.5INT 6
    8.51042SR 7
    9.51143SR 8
    10.51244.5SR 9
    11.545.5SR 10
    12.547SR 11
    13.548SR 12

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