Kids Books for Celebrating Ramadan

Ramadan is fast approaching, and we’ve got a ton of kids’ books to get you excited for the special month or to help you learn something new! Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic year and it’s a time when Muslims around the world fast from before sunrise to sunset. It’s a special month that involves lots of prayer, visits to the masjid or mosque, giving of charity, good deeds, and often delicious food. It culminates in Eid-ul-Fitr, which is the celebration afterwards. This year, Ramadan falls on March 11.

Children don’t start fasting till they’re older, but many parents and families begin instilling the love of this special month in their children at a young age. Some of the things they do to get their kids excited for Ramadan include decorating kids’ rooms by putting up lights and other decor, making charity jars or boxes, helping kids to prepare iftar or the evening meal, having them try to fast for half the day, visit the masjid, and many more things.

Another way to prepare for Ramadan is to read about it – here’s a selection of wonderful Ramadan or Muslim inspired stories to ring in this special month.

Rabia’s Eid

by Rukhsana Khan

Rabia is too young to fast but not too young to try! In this adorable Level 2, Step Into Reading levelled reader by Rukhsana Khan, Rabia discovers the joy of fasting, and the blessings that come with giving charity and celebrating Eid. This is probably the first Ramadan/Eid levelled reader I have seen, and it’s sure to be a hit with young readers as they too discover the joy of Ramadan by being able to read a story themselves.

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The Gift of Ramadan

by Rabiah York Lumbard

In The Gift of Ramadan, Sophia tries to fast the whole day and feels terrible when she can’t abstain from food for more than a few hours. Her brother running around with a cookie in his hands doesn’t help either…  But her grandmother reminds her that’s there’s more to Ramadan than just not eating or drinking, and together they make a special iftar for the whole family.

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Ramadan and Eid-al Fitr

by Sara Khan

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr is a beautifully illustrated junior nonfiction book that is told through the lens of a young girl, Raya. Raya explains her family’s special traditions and customs for Ramadan, and then for Eid as well. The back of the book contains some fun facts, a quiz, some recipes, and crafts. It’s a great introduction to children, both older and younger, in understanding the importance of Ramadan.

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Aliya’s Secret

by Farida Zaman

In Aliya’s Secret, Aliya isn’t old enough to fast, but she ignores her parents’ instructions and decides to fast in secret! The day is a difficult one for her, but she quickly learns that even though she’s not old enough to fast yet, there are lots of different ways she can participate in Ramadan.

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Lailah’s Lunchbox

by Reem Faruqi

Laila’s Lunchbox is a classic Ramadan story about ten-year-old Lailah who starts fasting but doesn’t know how to tell her new classmates or teacher. So instead, she chooses to hide out in the library since she’s unsure if others will understand. It’s a wonderful story all about acceptance, bravery, and speaking up for yourself.

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Moon’s Ramadan

by Natasha Khan Kazi

Moon’s Ramadan is all from the perspective of – yup, you guessed it- the moon! In this sweet and unique Ramadan story, the moon tells its story of what it observes throughout the whole month. In every picture, you can see the different stages the moon as it waxes, wanes, and then emerges as a new moon as the month ends to celebrate Eid.

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