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Our Collections Department staff scour the new book releases and select books with buzz that we think you’ll want to know about. These buzz-worthy books make up our Featured Titles lists.

March has roared in like a lion and scared spring away! We’ve had four seasons in one week but now we’re back to winter. If you have no desire to do anything beyond cozy-up on your couch with a cup of something good in one hand an amazing read in the other, we have just the books for you!

Our PDF iconEarly Spring 2017 Featured Titles list is here. We’ve provided you with 14 amazing reasons to not leave your house, except to return to the library to get the next book on the list. This list is full of must reads, calming breaths, hot topics, quirky characters and arid Australian landscapes. Don't you feel warmer already?

We also have our Staff Picks list for even more terrific new books.

Looking for more recommendations? Check out our More Books Please! blog for staff reviews of books, and more. 

Featured Titles list for spring 2017

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