Virtual Tax Clinic

Thank you for your interest in WPL’s Virtual Tax Clinic.
This form is a pre-screen to being assigned to a volunteer who will help you to submit your taxes. You will be asked a series of questions. If you are eligible, a WPL staff member will call or email you to set up an appointment to meet with a screened and trained tax volunteer virtually or by phone. 

Before you meet with your volunteer you will be required to prepare and send your documents in advance. The library can support you with printing and scanning.  

To get started, please answer the following questions. 

To be eligible for this service, your family income must be below the given thresholds listed here.


Suggested income levels 

Family size 

Total family income 

1 person 


2 persons 


3 persons 


4 persons 


5 persons 


more than 5 persons 

$52,500 plus $2,500 for each additional person 

Some kinds of returns are not eligible for this service. Please indicate if your return involves any of the following:
The proper spelling of your name (if it has not changed), as it was entered on your previous income tax returns as well as your date of birth and complete mailing address Your social insurance number (SIN) A list of your dependents and their exact date of birth, and their SINs, if they have one Your date of arrival to Canada and status if you are a new immigrant (yes, no, NA) Direct deposit information (void cheque/letter from bank/credit union with your information
You must have at least one of the following but more if more apply to you. Do you have or will you be able to provide in advance: