Posted: February 21, 2021
Renison Lecture - February 2021

Renison College presents "Omission and Exclusion of Black People in Canada’s Past"

Friday, February 26
10:30am to 11:30am
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Dr. Wilburn Hayden has been a university professor and social worker since 1973. He teaches and writes from critical race and anti-oppression perspectives. Growing up in the segregated southern USA, he knows of the racial injustice struggle in the USA and Canada firsthand. His social work practice experiences include being the chief social worker in a state prison, organizing within disadvantaged communities, directing a human services agency, and involvement in political campaigns in North America.

This talk is an examination of the ethos which sees Canada as a place where racial injustice, inequality and discrimination were at most limited and outside of the Canadian mainstream. Canadian historical records documenting the early arrival of Blacks, and White responses to their arrival reveal a different story. Contemporary Canadian racism continues to negatively affect opportunities for Blacks and their quality of life. The interplay of the recorded history and contemporary denials are seen as key elements for challenging the Canadian Ethos. This Ethos is a factor in creating barriers that prevent Black and White Canadians from recognizing the need for change.