Field Trips

Take a field trip with WPL! You and your family can explore the world from home through these fun and educational activities.

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Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an important event in WWII that happened on December 7th in 1941. This video explains the why and how of the attack, and also includes interesting facts and personal stories from that time.

Ancient Rome

Have you ever wanted to visit Ancient Rome? This video shows a flyover tour of a 3D recreation of Rome, with commentary on many of the famous sites. 

Many of these sites are still visible today. You can take tours of them using Street View on Google Earth

Bees Wax Food Wraps

If you’re looking for a great DIY and environmentally friendly gifts to give this year, why not try making your own beeswax food wraps? You can buy fabric, or recycle clean, used fabric from around the house (old bed sheets work great!).

Click here for a comprehensive how-to guide, complete with troubleshooting tips and tricks. 

And here’s a useful video with some other ideas for how to get the wax mixture onto your fabric if you don’t want to use the double boiler + paintbrush method.


Wikipedia is the world's biggest encyclopedia. If just the English version of Wikipedia was printed, without pictures, it would be almost 3000 volumes. You can see what that looks like visually by clicking here

Have you ever wanted to try contributing to Wikipedia? Anyone can write articles in Wikipedia, but there are a few rules to follow, and you need to know how to format your articles as well. For this reason, Wikipedia has created several ways for people to learn how to contribute. You can try the Wikipedia Adventure Game or you can start at the “Joining Wikipedia” page


Want to hear something different? Instruments of the World is a virtual encyclopedia that contains entries for hundreds of instruments from all over the globe. Each entry includes a picture, a description of the instrument and its significance, and also a sound clip or occasionally a video performance of the instrument. Click here to visit Instruments of the World.

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