I am a for-profit performer or speaker wishing to be hired by the library to perform at a WPL site.
I am interested in renting a room and delivering an independent program at a WPL site.

Non-WPL Partnered Presentation 

For non-partnered events, individuals or organizations may rent program space at the library. Available spaces and rental rates (regular and not for profit) can be found here. Not for profit rates are available to organizations with registered charitable status.  

The guidelines for room rental programming can be found here.  

  • Room rental presentations are not affiliated with the library.  

  • Rental presentations can be scheduled as room availability exists.  

  • The library will not promote these activities in promotional materials or on its social media channels.  

  • Library staff are not involved in set up or promotion of these programs.  

  • All costs incurred for the delivery of these programs are the responsibility of the presenting organization or individual.

I am interested in partnering with the library to deliver a program that aligns with the library’s programming goals at a WPL site.

Partnered Programming with WPL  

Programming in collaboration with individuals and organizations allows us to better reach our goals of presenting engaging programs for everyone in our community. 

Partnering with WPL to present a program means that: 

  • The event is sponsored by the library and material costs are covered by WPL (specifically program supplies, photocopying, technology requirements and speaker parking at the library.)  

  • The room is made available to the presenter at no cost. 

  • The content of the program is to be discussed and approved by the library. The library retains the right to refuse content.   

  • The library creates promotional material for the event and uses its promotional assets to publicize the activity. 

  • The library lists the event on its public calendar and if applicable, manages registration and communication with attendees for the event.  

  • A WPL programming staff is assigned to the event to look after details including set up and cleanup, speaker introductions and technology requirements. The staff member will be present in the room for the duration of the presentation.  


Due to the volume of partnered programming inquiries we receive, we have created an application process for interested parties to complete. Before beginning this application, please note the library does not pay speakers for partnered programs. The following points will be applied to determine whether a presentation is eligible for partnered programming at the library: 

Partnered programs will: 

  1. Conform to all of the guidelines listed in the Room Rental Policy.  


  1. Be free for participants.  No registration cost or voluntary donations will be permitted. 


  1. Proposed presentations must relate to one or more of our stated program priority goals listed here.  


  1. Present information in a neutral format that is not specific to an individual business. For example, a presentation may be allowed on the topic of financial planning but subject matter cannot be specific to the products and services of the presenting organization.  


  1. Be permitted to distribute business cards during presentations with the name of their company and logo used in WPL promotional materials (if the presenter wishes). Presenters will not be permitted to collect attendee information or sell anything during their presentations. (As an exception, writers are permitted to sell their books but must arrange for someone to handle sales for them as library staff cannot do this).  


  1. Be planned and scheduled up to 6 months in advance. The application deadlines for partnered programs are as follows:  


I have read and understood the partnered programming eligibility guidelines. 

I have read and understood the Room Rental Policy and agree to conform to the points described in it.