Bird's Eye View of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Mary-Allen Neighbourhood Historical Walking Tour

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Historical image of 227 King Street South

Hello and welcome to the Mary-Allen Neighbourhood Historical Walking Tour. If you haven't already done so, now would be a great time to locate the various controls on your player device. Whether you're listening to the tour on a portable player and walking through the Uptown Waterloo neighbourhood or participating in a virtual walking tour over the Internet, your player should have Pause, Play, Skip-forward and Skip-back controls. You may wish to take a moment to familiarize yourself with those buttons if you haven't done so already. During the tour, feel free to pause and resume the commentary as you wish. You can also visit the main page for more viewing/listening options.

On a safety note, please take great care crossing any city streets during the tour - you are strongly encouraged to pause your player and only cross a street when it is safe to do so, preferably at traffic lights or intersections with marked pedestrian crossings.

This tour begins near the corner of William St. and King St. South, just outside Marbles Restaurant, across King St. from First United Church. To get there from the main branch of Waterloo Public Library, carefully cross Albert St. near Dupont St., walk east along Dupont to King St., turn right and walk south along King St. to William St. You can cross King St. at any of the traffic lights along the way. Marbles is set back slightly from King on the northeast corner of King and William. You may wish to pause your player and resume it when you're at the corner, or you can use the skip back button to replay these instructions if you want to hear them again.