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Local History Services


We offer a number of special genealogical and local history research services:

  • Research Assistance
  • Genealogical Research Services
  • Birth, Marriage and Obituary articles
  • Photographic Reproductions
  • Photocopying

Research Assistance

Researchers seeking reference assistance may consult with Information Services staff during regular Library hours.

Those requiring in-depth reference service can consult with the Manager of Local History by appointment, or subject to availability.

Genealogical Research

Birth, Marriage and Obituary articles:

The cost is $10 to mail one copy of an article for a specified date (postage and Cancopy charge included).

Genealogy and Local History Requests for Research:

Research costs $30 per hour (minimum charge $30). Up to five photocopies, return postage and Cancopy charge are included. For more details, contact Janet Seally, Manager, Information Services & Local History, at 519-886-1310 ext. 126 or email.

girl_reading_webPhotographic Reproductions

Copies of most of the Library’s historical photographs may be obtained for non-commercial and non-advertising purposes. There is a fee for this service. For more details, contact Janet Seally, Manager, Information Services & Local History, at 519-886-1310 ext. 126 or email.

Photocopying & Scanning

Photocopiers (with scanning capabilities) are available in the Library for public use.  See Information Services staff for assistance.

Please note: Permission to photocopy Local History items is provided at the discretion of the Information Services or Local History staff person on duty. Photocopied material is for research use only.

Historical Walking Tours of Waterloo

The Waterloo Public Library is pleased to present two walking tours of our neighbourhoods, one for Uptown Waterloo and the other for the Mary-Allen neighbourhood.

You can download the tours to your portable audio or video player and head outdoors for a walk, or take an audio, video or virtual tour on your computer without leaving home!

Or, come by the Main Library and borrow one of our MP3 players with the tours pre-loaded!

Each tour is approximately one hour in length, and focuses on noteworthy homes and businesses in the Uptown Waterloo and Mary Allen neighbourhoods of Waterloo.

Click here for more information.

Note:  this walking tour is a “snap-shot in time”, created in 2009.