Posted: July 16, 2018
Cover for Splendour of Birds

We have some exciting news for WPL borrowers! The library has acquired books designed for readers who are experiencing memory loss that makes it difficult to read a conventional book.

Lifelong readers who still have considerable intellectual capacity experience a feeling of loss when they can no longer track a conventional narrative. Their families have trouble finding something suitable for them to read and while children’s books may be easier to follow, adult readers understandably don’t want to be given books for kids. 

Recently, a few authors have created books especially for persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The books have simple cues to help the reader track the narrative, including more space between paragraphs, fewer words on a page, a photograph or other cue for memory.

The books, written by Emma Rose Sparrow, are filed with the Large Print fiction collection at the Main Library.